Buzzfeed: 12 Hoosier Bands You Must Listen To

-Henry: This list would be incomplete without Brother O’ Brother. Crashing toms and cymbals? Check. Driving, distorted blues guitar? Check. Strong vocals and amazing musicality? Double check. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of garage rock and soul emanating from these guys; make sure you download their newest song here as well, who doesn’t like free music?

The Fire Note: Show Pony Album Review 4.5 of 5

Brother O’ Brother are for real and their sophomore long player, Show Pony, is filled with energy, garage blues and never ending rock n roll. Those three ingredients are exactly what it takes Brother O’ Brother to make a good record. I could care less that the territory covered on Show Pony has been traveled before but that Chris Banta’s vocals and guitar with Warner Swopes’ drums bring down the house. Not only do they give 110% throughout Show Pony but they supply plenty of diverse thoughts to keep Show Pony’s 10 tracks vibrant for its entire 35 minute running time.

Xombiew Wolf Magazine:

Power duos are not easy acts to perform, everything in 2 instruments live can be nerve breaking, Brother O’ Brother has, in my opinion only a few contemporaries at the moment, Sir Madam and Royal Blood, and The White Stripes.

Bucketlist Music Reviews: Show Pony

Heavily influenced by the Son House, Jack White/White Stripes and the aforementioned Keys, Brother O’ Brother wail n’ flail this Indianapolis duo rips through these ten tracks with a fervor, barely taking a breath. Lots of growling, slamming, kicking and wall-of-sound by Chris Banta (guitar & vocals) and Warner Swopes (drums) as they demonstrate their prowess in dirty blues making.

SLY VINYL: Show Pony

Looking for the next Black Keys? They may well be here. Brother O’ Brother recently released Show Pony, an album that will surely please those looking for big drums and over-driven guitars playing blues rock from the garage.

SLY VINYL: Brother O’ Brother – Means To Be A Woman//Limited 100 Mixed Marble Vinyl

Indiana is displayed proudly on the cover of Brother O’ Brother’s newest single, a powerful reminder that no matter where you hang your hat, be it the Mississippi Delta, London, Paris, Munich or Indianapolis, you can still sing the blues.

Chris Banta’s half-shout, half-trill mantra on Means to Be a Woman is an astute perspective on the perils most women face against the hoards of our oft-condemning culture.  Slut or prude…Your pick.  Banta reminds us that “these are our nieces, our mothers, our daughters”, and that classic blues guitar riff sends the message straight to your gut.  Give the man a podium, ’cause I’m a believer.  What about you?

I doubt their run of 100 singles will stay around much longer.  Grab one and file it next to your Reignwolf 7”s.

(NUVO) Birdy’s Battle Report: The Finals

After nearly an hour spent counting the votes, Brother ‘O Brother was named the champion, propelled to that point by another incendiary performance. Chris Banta is a maniac on the guitar, something audiences are all coming to realize. If there was anything else this two-man juggernaut could have done to win over the crowd, I can’t fathom it. Their latest album comes out in July and is sure to put them squarely at the center of national discussion.

Bucketlist Music Reviews: Brother O’ Brother

-When a band lists themselves under the genre of gospel, it does not automatically come to mind that they may be fusing this genre with blues, rock, and punk. Brother O’ Brother, a band that emerged in 2013, makes the combination seem only natural with the release of their second and most recent self-titled album.

MWA Video Premiere: You Would

Chris Banta (vocals, guitar) and Warner Swopes (drums) have each been hard at work finding the cleanest, whitest clothes they could – and making a music video, too. The song is a rocker, featuring Banta’s signature bluesy screams and energetic guitar work, backed by Swopes’ steady drum beat. The combination of each of their talents results in “You Would”, a video that’s as explosive sonically as it is visually. The video leaves no questions (except maybe how long they had to shower) and doesn’t try to be anything more than a kick ass time. And THAT, it accomplishes without question.

Midwest Action Approved

-Hailing from Indianapolis is blues rock outfit Brother O’ Brother. Their bandcamp is filled to the brim with loud ‘n’ rowdy tracks, each one just as dynamic as the one that precede

Independent Clauses

-Frantic vocals + crunchy blues rock riffs + gender politics = gold. Brother O’ Brother will get compared to The Black Keys and the White Stripes; it should be comparison, not demeaning. Great stuff here. 

The Fire Note: Bandcamp Artists Discover February 2015 Edition

It never gets much better than some gritty blues rock from the Midwest. Indiana’s Brother O’ Brother can hang with the best of them as their self-titled debut rolls on like an early Black Keys record. They also just released their first 7″ out of 100 copies so hurry over and snag one – there are not many left!

Liv Mayes Tv

-The very unique and talented Indianapolis locals, Brother O’ Brother, have just released their music video for ‘Without Love’. This video is incredibly well done and comes with song worthy of repeating.

(NUVO) Birdy’s Battle Report Week 12

This duo has a frontman so confident he ought to just shanghai Jack White and bruise their way onto Third Man’s roster. They are easily the first Indianapolis band since Hero Jr that perfectly scratches the itch required to successfully go national.

Independent Clauses Quick Hits: Brother O’ Brother Album Review

-The guitar and drums duo rips through heavy blues rock stompers with screaming guitars, howling vocals, and basic drumming. The band’s self-titled record doesn’t let up for the 30+ minute runtime.

(NUVO) Birdy’s Battle Report: The Final Countdown

“It didn’t take much to get me hooked on Brother O’ Brother’s take on alternative blues, a high-stakes own-the-stage performance that demands you watch and participate, even if it’s only trying to keep Chris Banta in frame on your video camera.”


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